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Thursday, December 31, 2009

aku insan yang lemah

Skng ni aku bosan,sekadar nk luahkan perasaan.Hahaha.ngade je bnyinyer.

Aku hanyalah hambaMu yang lemah ya Allah
namun ujianMu kadang-kala amatlah beratku rasa
kutahu bahawa Kau tidak menguji hambaMu melebihi dari apa yang mampu ditanggung
Ya Allah
ku pohon padaMu kekuatan dan ketenangan untuk menempuhi ujianMu ini
aku redha menerimanya kerana Kau lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik untukku...
cuma aku tertanya-tanya apakah sebenarnya yang Kau sedang tunjukkan padaku
sebab hambaMu ini sangatlah hina dan lemah
kupohon padaMu agar kudibimbing ke jalan yang Kau redhai

tu je untuk kali ni..

Monday, December 7, 2009

kau pengubah hidupku 2

Now I have finished my final exam for this sem.I tried my best,now all I can do is tawakal to Him.Back to this title,this entry is for the next person just that this time is not about one but THREE all together.

Saiful,Muhammad Faiz, and Muhammad Hizami

These are my practicum mates back in matrix.Why I say they my life changer?The story goes back to my dark ages in secondary school.As I said,I was never good with Malay kids,not until Fahmi came.But before my life changed because of him,I was kind of cold to these three person.Each time in class,I never sat with them.I always sat at the first row of the class,either during lecture or normal class.

But when I changed,I sat at the back with them.I still remember the first time I sat at the back of the class.It was English at the time.When the lecturer came it,Saiful said,"Tengok sir,dunia dah nak kiamat.Solihin duduk kat belakang ni."My classmates started laughing.

"That's right,Solihin.Why do you sit at the back?"

"Tu la saye cakap sir.Dunia nak kiamat."

Good times.Really good times.Although I "abandoned" them almost for the 2/3 of the first semester,they still accepted my well.Since that day,we became very close.Each of the them makes me laughed each time four of us are together.Huhu.Until we called it "Heroine".It's like a drug.The next jokes that came out from their mouth is oftenly funnier than before.Huhu.

When we are together,we always laugh.And as usually I was always the topic.Huhu.

Sedih la cam ni.Kat matrix slalu kene kutuk,kt UMP pn same.Hahaha.

Each of us have special nick name




Me-Abu(why Abu?xnk cter.tnyer la dorng sendiri)

Each of them is always special to me.

Saiful is a Chemistry genius of our class.Ask anything about organic chem,he can answer it.Came from Besut,Terengganu,he has Kelantanese slang.It's always funny when he do the english presentation.Haha.We always cracked up laughing all the way.The thing that I admire about him,although he cannot speak very well,he never gave up.He always try again and again.And he is very humble,except for his hometown.haha.He always says that Besut is the best place in Malaysia,that is why he removed "e" from Besut making it to be Best.Hahaha.

Faiz is the head of the class.Average guy,just like me,who "perasan" handsome.Haha.But deep-down he is always humble.Admireable characteristic,love to make jokes.One thing I will always remember of him is that each weekend,he often went for a jog.Not because he wants to jog,but just to look at the girls who went to jogs.Hahaha.Sometimes I joined him too.What?I'm a guy too.

Hizami is the "budak masjid" from our group.Slalu je nmpk dier kt masjid tu.And he is also the JPP(Exco Kewangan).He is my reference is I seek answer for Islam after Fahmi.Kalau aku tanya budak Mimi 2 dia tak jawab,aku tanya la Si Hizami ni.Also love making jokes and he is the best in the group.Haha.

They accepted me well although I abandoned them.Thanks for accepting me as your friends and making my life at matrix the sweet memory I can never forget.

PS:There are 2 people left for those who change my life.Hehe.keep following if you want to know who they are.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's a thing that you say when you did something wrong.It's easy to say it but it is sure hard to mean it.But sometime you do mean it but other do not believe in it.A professor told me once that a good apology has three parts.
"I'm sorry"
"It was my fault"
"How do I make it right?"
Most of the times I skipped that third part.Cause thinking that he or she do not really mind about it.They say "Apology accepted" and that is it.I want to be a better person as times come for me to be a better man.The year almost at the end and when I looked back at the things that I have done this year,I own a lot of people an apology.My siblings,my family,my sisters(oh yes,i have a lot of sisters),my "twins" and my friends.I admit that I hurt you before and never crossed my heart that I wanted to do it.It is my fault and I am really sorry.Just that I do not know how can I make it right.
To whomever that I hurt you in any sorts of ways,I am sorry.I cannot really remembered much about what I did wrong to these people but I want to apologize to these people.
But as this year past,there also things that I found kind of interesting.Some people think that asking for an apology is hard.But the reality is,forgiving is even harder,way,way harder.Forgiveness is not just by saying from the lips,but from the meaning of your heart.I know the feeling.To forgive someone you hated for years ain't an easy task.Like in the movie Khabi Khusi Khabi Gham said,"Those who apologize has a big heart but those who forgive has bigger".As the recent blog post that I read,
"Why is it that we never appreciate what we have until it is gone?When they are with us,we never bother to realise how important they are to us.But when they left us,then only we realise how important they are.How really important about their presence in our life."
I really would like to take this opportunity to say I am so sorry.I always appreciate your presence in my life.I really do.But because of my ego,I never said it.I never want to to leave.I wish that our friendship will last for eternity.Thanks

Monday, November 23, 2009

kembara perak...


It's been ages since the last time I went to Taiping but two days ago I went back there,to Kak
Kila's home.We reached her house around 4 am,picked up by her dad and brother.When e reached there,the first thing that Dato and Mokmel did was sleep.Like it was not enough sleeping in the bus.I who was already "fresh" after being kicked in the bus,stayed awake and do some
reading.When azan Subuh berkumandang,Z suggested that we go to the mosque to pray as it sounded very near to the house.When we opened the door to ask for the kiblat, Kak Kila's dad invited us to followed him to the mosque.When we get back home,her mother is a
lready waiting to invited us with breakfast.And the truth is,the whole first day was only eating as the main agenda.Haha.Sweet,my stomach was never empty.Thanks.
In the evening,Kak Kila's brother,Naim brought us around the place.Because it was just after raining,it was kinda cold.Later at night,we went to Kak Kila's uncle's house for some pulut durian.My stomach was overloaded.We ended the day with a ghost story but I finally fell asleep on the coutch.
The next day,at 7 am if I'm not mistaken,her dad invited the boys for breakfast at the gerai.Later at 11 am we went to Zoo Taiping.It the first time after 8 years I went there
again.There are few changes made to the zoo,like the main entrance,the inside of the zoo and a few extra animals.These are the few pictures taken.

Cerianyer dpt bergambar ngan seladang

Muke yoyooh

Sorry Dato,xsengaje...
When we got back home,Kak Emy,Khaliq and Zack started packing their stuffs as the are going back at 5 pm.So,I was the only one left.Kinda of feeling bored for a while cause I do not have much things to do.Luckily there is Kak Kila's two youngest brothers,Arif and Pian.So,we watched few movies and cartoons and played around that night.The next day,after packing up my stuffs,and saying goodbye to them,Naim sent me to the bus station and I was on my way back home.Even though it was only two days,but I have so much fun especially with the two brothers.Shy at first,but once their started to be friendly,they are just like other kids.hihihi.

Monday, November 2, 2009

apa ertinya?

Tajuk di atas adalah tentang cinta.Ini tajuk yang agak besar untuk aku tulis.Aku berharap agar apa yang aku bakal tulis jadi peringatan untuk diriku sendiri dan tidaklah menyinggung mana-mana pihak.Aku terfikir untuk menulis tentang post ini atas perbualanku dengan sahabatku beberapa minggu yang lalu.
"Dia dah couple dah.Kau bila plak?"
"Tak rasa tercabar ke?"
Sejujurnya aku tidak rasa apa-apa pun.Dan jawapanku untuk persoalannya mudah.
Aku bukan mahu bercouple untuk suka-suka,seperti mana yang telah aku lihat orang di sekelilingku lakukan.Couple tak sampai 2 bulan,putus.Pastu,couple dengan orang baru.
Apakah erti cinta kalau ia begitu mudah ditukar ganti???
Aku ingin bercouple dengan orang yang akan aku jadikan isteriku,menantu untuk ibu bapaku,ibu untuk anak-anakku.Berpandangan jauh?Yes I am.This is crucial.It is about my future,my life.
Aku bukanlah mencari yang sempurna,sebab tiada yang sempurna di dunia ini kecuali Allah.Aku cuma mencari seseorang yang istimewa di mataku.Seseorang yang akan buat aku tersenyum setiap kali aku melihatnya.Seseorang yang membimbingku tatkala aku terpesong.Aku juga insan biasa,insan yang kadang-kala terbabas di selekoh-selekoh kehidupan.
Apa erti orang bercouple sekarang ni?Apakah untuk merasa dikasihi dan mengasihi?Adakah untuk mencari tempat bermanja?Adakah untuk tempat memuaskan nafsu?Kini,ramai pasangan yang aku lihat ketika aku keluar ke bandar berpegangan tangan dan berpelukan tanpa segan silu.Aku pulak yang rasa segan sebab yang berbuat begitu bukan pasangan yang tua,tapi yang muda dan majoritinya pasangan remaja.Tapi kalau orang tua buat macam tu,pelik la plak rasanyer.Hahaha.
Dulu,masa sekolah menengah,cikgu aku ada cerita pasal benda ni.Masa mula-mula bercinta,semuanya indah.Calling setiap malam.Pastu,bila keluar,mula la berpegangan tangan.Masa kali pertama tangan bersentuhan,ketika itu rasa macam dah boleh terbang.Lama-lama rasa terbang dah hilang,mula la tangan untuk meronda lebih jauh.Dan akhirnya kecundang dalam gelora nafsu.Masa tu semua dah terlewat.Syaitan dah gelak macam aku gelak tengok Spontan.Huhu.
Aku ada terbaca dalam buku "Aku Terima Nikahnya " yang menulis tentang pegang tangan ni.
"Semua anak yang dilahirkan ini suci,ibarat kain putih.Setiap ibu bapa menjaganya dengan begitu baik sekali.Tetapi setiap kali kamu menyentuh tangannya,kamu telah mengotorkannya.Tidakkah kamu kasihankan ibunya yang bertarung nyawa melahirkannya sehingga kamu sesuka hati ingin mengotorkan anaknya?".Takut aku baca ayat tu.Teringat aku kat video kelahiran bayi yang aku tengok masa sekolah menengah dulu.Huhu.Dengar si ibu jerit je aku dah tutup telinga.Huhu.Sakitnya hanya seorang ibu je yang tau.

Aku memohon padaMu Ya Allah,jauhkanlah aku dari menjadi sebegini.Berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk melawan nafsuku,lindungilah hambaMu yang lemah ini daripada tewas dengan godaan syaitan yang terkutuk.

Ya Allah,jika satu hari nanti aku jatuh cinta,jatuhkan cintaku pada seorang insan yang mencntaimu lebih dari kasihnya padaku,agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk mencintaiMu
Ya Alllah,jika satu hari nanti aku jatuh hati,biarkanlah hati ini jatuh pada seorang insan yang hatinya bertaut padaMu,agar aku tidak kecundang dalam cinta nafsu
Ya Allah,jika satu hari nanti,bila aku telah temui insan itu,aku memohon padaMu agar aku tidak sesekali cuba untuk meraih cintanya melebihi daripada aku cuba meraih cintaMu
Kawan aku kata,nak couple ni senang.Haha.Cari je mana-mana perempuan yang kau rasa sesuai,try ayat sikit.Kalau dapat,dapat la.Kalau tak,cari je yang lain.Bunga bukan sekuntum.
Yes,I will not deny that.Bunga bukan sekuntum,tapi bunga yang belum disentuh sukar untuk ditemui.
Dunia adalah perhiasan dan seindah-indah perhiasan adalah wanita solehah
Kesimpulannya,aku tahu di mana aku berdiri,walaupun shoutout aku kat SKYPE,OOVOO dengan YAHOO MESSENGER gempak semacam.Aku masih belum layak untuk mencintai.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kau pengubah hidupku 1...


you must be wondering who might these people are an why did I say so...
Well,then you have to always follow my blog.Hihihi.

This first entry is for the first person who is the starting point of the reason I changed my life.But before that,allow me to tell you a little history of my life.(Some may already know the story)
When I in my secondary school life,I have what I considered not so good environment for me where I cannot get along with my Malay peers.At school and at home.Being bullied most of the time.(I was timid kinda kid when I was in form 1 to form 3).This causes me to hate all of them.To me they bring nothing but trouble.So,I be friends with non-Malays.When I entered form 4,I declared a war with those in my neighbourhood.hoho.(dh masuk form 4,rs bsr kepale la).The war continued until I entered matriculation.Hoho.Bayangkan...
So,these five years of experience of being bullied and hated,it cause me to hate them.Making me uncomfortable being among them.That what makes my life so damn difficult for the first couples of month at KMNS.I was so shocked that the placed was fulled with Malays.Well,I was told there will be lots of Malays than other races but never in my minds I thought it will be overwhelm like that.I makes me really uncomfortable.Luckily I have my bestfriend,Wan Lye @ Genius with me there.To be my friend.If not I think I'll rot and die there without having any friends at all.Huhu

For the first few weeks,I am always with Wan Lye.Everywhere I went I definately with him.Just like Kak Kila and Kak Emy now.Hihi.

But one day,I changed my life perception because of one person.My roommate.Muhammad Fahmi or I always called him,Mimi.Hahaha.He is my life changer.The starting point.He made me changed my point of view because of the way his personality and how he treated me.All these times,after being bullied for 5 years I always thought that there will be none of my Malay peers that I can respect.How wrong was I?

Each time after Asar and Isyak pray,he always recite Quran.And when I looked at him doing it,it turn my diamond-hard heart to rock-hard.Huhu.And he always tell Islamic stories to me.There was once,during the first day of Ramadhan,he asked me.

'Bila datang Ramadhan,ada dua golongan manusia yang bergembira.Yang hidup dan yang mati'
'Nape yang dah mati pun akan gembira?'I asked.
'Orang yang mati gembira sebab hukuman seksaan kubur akan diberikan.Munkar & Nankir akan buat pengunguman',"Kita akan cutikan hukuman selama sebulan"
'Kau tau tak nape dorang seronok sampai camtu?'
'Semua taktau.Ape nak jadi?Kau dah tengokkan camne Ichigo lawan Byakuya?Camtu la seksaaas dalam kubur.Dengan rantai besi membara,dorang sebat sampai masuk 70 kaki dalam tanah'

Just look at the way he gave his tazkirah.Funny.haha.Then,during sahur he told me another story

'Tau tak nape sahur ni digalakkan?'
geleng pale je la yang aku tau...
'Sebab malaikat akan doakan kita.'

There was one time me and Fahmi woke up late.Just enough time to drink water.Huhu.Both of us refuse to take the blame.Haha.Sweet times...Because of the way he is,he able to make me changed my perceptions towards the Malays.Since then,I was able to be frinds with other Malays and now I have many more friends.Haha.If I have never met him,I think I am still a kid whose heart is so hard that it could shattered glass.Hihi.

Thanks Mimi.You may never read this and may never know this,but I am really grateful that I met you.Aku akan sentiasa doakan kau.Kau ubah kehidupan aku walaupun sedikit di mata kau,tapi bagi aku itu sangat penting dalam hidup aku.

Ya Allah,aku bersyukur padaMu kerana kau telah temukan aku dengan sahabat seperti dia.Sesungguhnya percaturanMu tiada cacat cela.Ku pohon agar Kau sentiasa merahmatinya,permudahkan segala urusannya,menjadikan dia ceria selalu seperti dia menceriakan aku semasa aku bersamanya dahulu.

Fahmi is one of the first person that made my life change.There are five more coming.Want to know who?Hihi.Slalu la bc ye?hihi

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tarikh-tarikh penting...

Assalamualaikum to all my blog followers(Muslims) and good day(non-Muslim)...
Some of you may not believe what happened for the past few weeks but all I can say was that last week was the most-packed-with-inportant-events in my life.ExpoKonvo,UMP convocation,Kak Kila & Taqi's birthday,Abang Wan's wedding and open-house(Abang Bad and Prof Fadhil).
If I want to write about the whole thing that occurs in every single of those events,I think it is going to be as long as the phylosophy book.So,I would just write a few about it and insert more pictures.

On Saturday(3rd Oct),I was invited to the firstly-held-in-UMP 4th Convocation at UMP Sports Complex together with Kak Zetty,Kak Emy,Kak Kila and Zack.We sat quite at the back unlike Bang Long and Bang Ngah who sat next to Abang Wan.hahaha.After the event ended(penganugerahan PhD dalam Kejuruteraan Awam kepada Sultan Pahang),we went to the Expo and took pictures all over the sites.haha
Bergambar di Air Terjun UMP

On 4th Oct,in the afternoon,I went to take pictures of my classmates who graduates like Kak Nani,Kak Murni,Kak Pika,Kak Ila,Kak Wana,Adam,Abang,Kak Wawa.At night,we had little birthday party for Kak Kila & Bang Long.Both of them was not expecting any of it.Hoho.Especially Kak Kila who I lied and raised my voice to her.Maaf kak.Bukanlah untuk menyakiti akak but just playing along the drama.
picture with Adam
Kak Murni with her friend
With Kak Nani
Birthday Girl & Birthday Boy
Kembar 3(K,Z,Y)
Bila Dugong jumpe kek...
Terkuzut dapat hadiah...

Then,on 9th Oct,I went to Abang Wan's wedding ceremony.I didn't realise that I am so good-looking when I put on baju Melayu(the slack thing is that I didn't have my songkok).Hahaha.

Gambar Abang Wan & isteri tercinta

Then on 10th Oct night,I,Kak Kila,Kak Emy,Kak Zetty and Hafiz when to Abang Bad's house for his invitation to his open house together with prof,Kak Jaja,Mak Ngah and budak Jepun.(No picture taken cause I didn't bring my camera.)After we went home,we help prof to prepare for his open house.
Bertungkus-lumus di dapur
Cukup kuota.hahahaha

Penat gler.Pertama kali dalam hidupku aku sibuk di dapur.Kalau di rumah,selalunya kena halau je dengan mak.Hahaha
That's what has happened to me for the past two weeks.Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scandal baru??!!


Hehehe...You must be shocked with the title right?Haha.It's just for fun.Actually it is about the pictures that were myself and few friends took today(30 Sep 09).Few are some of the pictures:
This picture was taken after Databaseclass.(Pikachumel,Kak Ayu,Seri Murni)

This is my SAD lecturer last sem

3 jelitawan yg bersembunyi di balik tabir

Aisyah,nama salah seorang isteri Rasulullah.Perwatakannya menjadi ikutan setiap wanita muslimah.Seorang yang dikatakan sempurna di mata manusia.Cantik dan bijak.Itulah yang dikatakan tentang dirinya.Semua lelaki di dunia ini ingin memiliki hati wanita sebegini dan aku juga tidaklah terkecuali(it's a lie if I am not).Tetapi,tidaklah diri ini layak untuk mendampingi wanita sedemikian.Cukuplah sekadar membaca perwatakan baginda untuk memperbaiki diriku yang lemah lagi hina ini...

Sempat bergambar dgn lecturer HE

3 beautiful ladies + 1 handsome kid = SAMA PADAN

Muke sorang2 xleh blah

Rehat sebentar bersama bihun sup(Kak Ila xmkn...)

Yang tudung hijau tu Kak Wawa...

Yang ni Kak Dibdid ngan Kak Lia.Comelkan?Ingat dulu nak try tekel tp dua2 dh berpunyer dh.Hahaha

This is what happen when you love sup too much

a thousand word picture

Sunday, September 27, 2009



msti terkuzutkn nape tb2 je tjk cmni n gmbr pn...
xde ape sgt nk cter dlm psot kali ni..

cm nk cter sok aku nk blik UMP tercinta

tp td g jlan2 kt Putrajaya.Best...

pastu nth cmne blh SESAT...

nagivigation system rosak...

2 2 plak tu...

tp nsb baik dpt recover half way....

2 pn satu je...

yg lagi satu last2 minute br recover..


Dato plak suke2 je langgr U turn..

nsb baik polis kt jauh di dpn..

klau x kene la saman..


ms naviation system rsk aku cume gelak je la...

sbb yg rosak tu pn gelak2..

pstu dh xtau cmne nk blik,ms singgh nk isi minyak...

si navigation siap call ketua navigation untuk tnyer jln blik..

huhuhu..byngkn mcm amne aku gelak dlm kete tu..


tu la pengalaman raye pelik tp benar thn ni..

that's all 4 now..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giving up???


This is probably the last post before Hari Raya.Firstly,I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri to all my friends,brothers,sisters,lecturers,teachers and everyone I know and whoever read this post.

About the title above,I just would like to tell you about story of my life.It may get boring for you,but who cares?This is MY BLOG.Haha.

It was about 'Heart to Heart' session that I had with some schools kids during a programme that I joined a few weeks ago.I was just giving them a little motivation talk on "Why we should not give up".I told them about my life,how everything felt like the end of my life when I got my matriculation final result.It was the worst feeling in the world(After failing in my form 2).I was stunned the moment I looked at it.I felt so painful that I tried to torture myself to get rid of the pain(I did not try to kill myself if that what you were thinking).I slowly recovered from it and now I am fully healed.And you know why?Cause someone wise told me once,"Give up when God leave you."But that ain't gonna happen,does it?Cause Allah will always be with you.Yeah,maybe sometimes He tests you that makes you think He overtest you,but realise this,Allah never test anything on anyone that he or she cannot overcome.It just takes time.Give yourself a second chance and say,"I can do this".Not on everything,but some.You know what I mean.

I got this idea after reading the magazines that my sister was in,Kak Emy in Mingguan Wanita and Kak Ijan in Remaja.These two didn't get what they want but look at them now?Interviewed to be in magazine.FYI,a few of my sisters are in the list for the next edition.

Kak Emy in Mingguan Wanita

Kak Ijan in Remaja(the picture next to her,I took it.That's why I'm NOT in it.)

That's all for now.Hope you enjoy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Ramadhan terakhir di UMP untuk tahun ni..


Time flew so passed when we enjoying the moments.It's already been 20 days of Ramadhan.Huhu.It felt like it was just yesterday that I started my second Ramadhan in UMP.Hahaha.This year was probably the best yet the worst Ramadhan for me.It is best cause this Ramadhan I break fast with different people at different places.Abang Wan's house,SK Purun,mosque,KFC and of course my room.Hihi.I break fast at mosque at the early part of Ramadhan,then shift to SK Purun(during Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan),Abang Wan on last Monday, and KFC(just now).Haha.It was fun especially at SK Purun and Abang Wan's house.

berbuka puasa kat SK Purun ngan adik2 angkat.rindu kt korng.

berbuke kat rumah Abang Wan.Sedap gler Abang Wan masak.Smpai licin masakan dier aku bantai

ni time berbuke ngan abng long,abng ngah,z n bob.Ni mase mkn Big Apple.Sedapppp....

But it is also the worst.This Ramadhan,I make a lot more mistakes to others.Huhu.Especially this very last very.Let's review shall we?During the Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan programme where I was the Pengarah Program,there was tonnes of mistakes that I did.Firstly,I didn't planned the activity very well making the fasilitators a little confius on what to do next after each activity ends.Once the things ends,I did not play my role as the head of the programme to wake the others for sahur as I myself was sleeping.And my biggest mistakes was that I did not realise that one of the fasilitators has lost one of her family members.She got a phone call from her mother saying that her grandmum had passed away.She woke up to prepare the meal for sahur with the teachers but most of us including me did not wake up.She woke up early so that we can go back early but when we got back,it was already to late for her.Her grandma has been buried.It's my fault.

Second,was last night.I went out to break fast with my Abang Long,Abang Ngah,Zack n Bob.At first it was fun.We break fast at KFC.Everything was going well.Until I made my mistakes.Firstly I was late for 40 minutes for my SDP discussion,I forgot about my promise to one of my sister to lend a book,I forgot to lend my friend a book,I forgot to pay my debt to my friend,I was late to return my friend pendrive.WAU...Amazing ain't it?

Just look at at how many mistakes I made.In just TWO occasion.This is why I cannot be a good leader.I'm just a pathetic boy.Maybe this what most do not know about me.I am sorry for what I did and you have the right to be mad at me.It's my fault and I'll take full responsibility on it.This is why there was once someone said to me that I am pathetic.I guess he is right.I am just a pathetic boy.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan

Me and Yeng

it has been ages since i updated my blog.huhu.Others has been asking,"It been a while since you update your blog.."
Huhu.What do you guys expect?I'm lazy...Hahaha.But I was told by Abang wan that he want to compete whose blog is more famous....Hahaha.
You're going down Abang Wan...

Ok la.Back to main point,yesterday I went for another programme of In-Smartive,at SK Purun.It was just like any other programmes,fun and enjoyable.We started our trip at 7.00 am (actually we were suppose to go 6.30 but some "people" woke up late.Awal2 dh dgr ceramah motivasi.huhuhu).We reached the school at 9.30 am.When we reached there,the kids already waited for us by the school gate.Huhu.Another warm welcome,just like before.
The activity started with academic slots and I was invovled unlike before where I was just the cameraman.My students were Fatin and Hidayah.I taught them English and Science.
Fatin and Hidayah

After Zohor pray,those who already finished their academic slots went for tadarus Al-Quran,while those who have not,continue to finish the slots.Then,at 3 pm,there was personal moments with the kids.For my group,I combined with Kak Zetty,Kak Nani and Hazim.Only me and Hazim talked,the other just kept quiet.I didn't talked much,just giving them a little advise.So does Hazim.After Asar pray,all of us went to bazar ramadhan,and shop for our food.Huhu.Teruk aku kene pow.huhu.I didn't buy much for myself.Just water,roti jala and murtabak.When I want to buy the roti jala,huhu,I noticed that the girl who were selling them was kinda cute.Haha.Gatai(bukan...just memuji)
Syafiq and his brothers
Going to bazar ramadhan
Banyaknyer makanan

We broke fast,we performed solat Maghrib then rest for a while to eat what we bought before continuing with solat Isyak,hajat and terawih.Then we had a simple closing ceremony where I needed to giving a little speech.The truth is I was kinda nervous.It was the first time in my life I gave speech for any ocassion.huhu.I even asked for Abang Wan for some tips it the evening on what should I say.Thanks Bang Wan.

Menyiapkan "assignment"

After the kids went back,I started on my "assignment" which is to finish the food.Ya Allah,aku sesungguhnya amatlah bersyukur dengan kurniaanMu yang telah mengaganugerahkanku dengan perut yang sangat fleksible.Bak kate Taqi dgn Dato' K,umpama stoking pompuan yg smpai ke lutut tmbh stokin ragbi.hahaha.I think I did preety well of finishing half of the food.Huhu.
Then,we watched some movies but by 12 o'clock most already went to bed.But me,Zack,Bob,Yeng,Paan,Kak Nani and Kak Zetty stayed to watch SPONTAN.It was hillarious.Gosh,I almost threw up TWICE.huhu.It was so funny.It felt like my stomach gonna burst.It when on for more than an hour.Huhu.Then I started to see the darkness,so I went to bed while they still continue to watch.
The next morning,we went back at 8.00 am.I left Dato and Taqi cause I thought they want to back with Abang Wan.Well I guess I thought wrong.Huhu.Sorry Bang Long,sorry Dato.It won't happen again.
That all from me for now.Until next time....


Friday, August 21, 2009

From Care Bear UMP a.k.a Kak Azie

5 fakta menarik mengenai pemberi award ini...
(a)orang yang paling comel dalam In-Smartive
(b)orang yang mudah mesra
(d)salah seorang dari barisan akak2 ku
(e)nth la kak azie,xtau nk tulis ape dh ni...

10 fakta/hobi tentangku
(a)fakta-mcm Kak Azie cakap,aku ni SANGAT,SANGAT,SANGAT peramah...
(b)fakta-tak kacak
(c)fakta-suke berkenalan dengan orang baru
(d)fakta-kuat makan
(f)hobi-suke sgt nyakat orng terutama Kak Emy and Kak Kila
(h)hobi-gemar membaca
(i)hobi-suke tido
(j)hobi-menyibuk hal orang,ahahahah

10 penerima award:
kak emy
kak azie
adeq abang
kak zetty
kak B
kak izah
kak ct_nana

Sunday, July 26, 2009

kekecewaan hati

Assalamualaikum pr pembaca blogku yg xseberape ni...

Seperti mana yang telah aku tulis dalam postku sebelum ini tentang aku keluar berkelah bersama prof dan keluarganya di Panching,kecewa hatiku bila terpandang sekelompok manusia di tempat yang kami ingin tujui.Itu adalah kali kedua aku ke Panching.First time masa bawa budak-budak China merantau Gambang(ketika bersama kelab Intelligensia).Masa tu takde orang sangat.Kali ini,ramai la pulak.Huhuhu.

Aku ingin luahkan kecewa hatiku melihat sesuatu yg berlaku depan mata diriku sendiri..
Benda sebegini selalu berlaku depan mata kita,tapi selalu dibiarkan.Diriku juga tidak terkecuali dari melepaskan ia berlaku begitu sahaja.

Nampak x kelompok manusia kt ats batu tu?itulah mereka

Xclear ek gmbr td?ambk ni plak(bkn tgk prof fazhil tu).tgk kt sblh kiri gmbr.

Bukanlah ingin aku katakan diriku ini alim sebab ingin aku jelaskan disini,aku bukan sebegitu orangnya.Namun,aku kecewa bila melihat muda mudi Islam tanpa segan silu mandi di tempat awam sambil bermanja-manja dengan teman wanita dan teman lelaki masing-masing.Ada yang manja-manja memnyampukan kepala pasangan masing-masing.Aku cuba untuk tidak menangkap gambar mereka termasuk sekali dalam gambar-gambarku namun terdapat juga gambar-gambarnya.

Aku dari dahulu tidak pernah ambil peduli jika sekadar berdating @ berdua-duan.Sebab aku pun selalu bersama dengan rakan-rakan wanitaku begitu.Tapi takde la berdua-duaan di tempat gelap.Sekadar di cafe UMP yg sentiasa penuh dengan rakyatnya.Hahaha.Tapi apa yang aku tidak dapat terima ialah bila tangan mereka yang "berlegar-legar".Bukankah perbuatan mereka itu diperhatikan oleh puluhan mata di situ?Tidak adakah perasaan malu dalam hati insan-insan itu?Aku yang sebagai lelaki yang boleh tahan macho ni pn segan nak mandi depan anak dara orang dengan sekadar memakai seluar pendek.Seingatan memoriku yang tak berapa kuat ni,aku tak pernah mandi di tempat awam sebegitu dengan sekadar seluar tapi kelompok ni,relax je.Yang perempuan pun sama je.Seluar pendek,no sleeve and relax je syampukan kepala pakwe dier.Segan aku nak tengok.Kalau lawa cam Emma Watson ke,Jessica Alba ke,xpe gak.Ini tak.Cam tong gas.Menyusahkan aku je nak tangkap gambar.Tau x betapa susahnya aku nak tangkap gambar tanpa masukkan dorang dalam gambarku?Aku nak tangkap keindahan ciptaan Pencipta,ni tertangkap gambar tong gas.Huhu.Kecik hati.Dah la,malas dah comment banyak2.

Tapi ingin aku ingatkan di sini,bukanlah layak untuk aku menegur kerana aku pun masih lemah dalam bab sebegini namun bukankah dikatakan "Sekurang-kurangnya tegurlah dengan hati".

kuar bersama prof

Yesterday I went to Panching with Mak Ngah,Prof Fazhil,Kak Jaja,Abang Adi,Abang Dauz,Kak Kila and Kak Emy.Hahaha.Just to update my unupdated blog.We went there around 4 pm.Only Prof,Abang Adi,Abang Dauz and Mak Ngah je yang mndi.Kak Kila,Kak Emy,Kak Jaja and me just watching them while taking pictures.

gmbr kenangan

AWAS!!!Anda mungkin menghadapi masalah kehilangan barang di Paching.

tiga beradik bergembira mandi air terjun

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