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Thursday, December 31, 2009

aku insan yang lemah

Skng ni aku bosan,sekadar nk luahkan perasaan.Hahaha.ngade je bnyinyer.

Aku hanyalah hambaMu yang lemah ya Allah
namun ujianMu kadang-kala amatlah beratku rasa
kutahu bahawa Kau tidak menguji hambaMu melebihi dari apa yang mampu ditanggung
Ya Allah
ku pohon padaMu kekuatan dan ketenangan untuk menempuhi ujianMu ini
aku redha menerimanya kerana Kau lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik untukku...
cuma aku tertanya-tanya apakah sebenarnya yang Kau sedang tunjukkan padaku
sebab hambaMu ini sangatlah hina dan lemah
kupohon padaMu agar kudibimbing ke jalan yang Kau redhai

tu je untuk kali ni..

Monday, December 7, 2009

kau pengubah hidupku 2

Now I have finished my final exam for this sem.I tried my best,now all I can do is tawakal to Him.Back to this title,this entry is for the next person just that this time is not about one but THREE all together.

Saiful,Muhammad Faiz, and Muhammad Hizami

These are my practicum mates back in matrix.Why I say they my life changer?The story goes back to my dark ages in secondary school.As I said,I was never good with Malay kids,not until Fahmi came.But before my life changed because of him,I was kind of cold to these three person.Each time in class,I never sat with them.I always sat at the first row of the class,either during lecture or normal class.

But when I changed,I sat at the back with them.I still remember the first time I sat at the back of the class.It was English at the time.When the lecturer came it,Saiful said,"Tengok sir,dunia dah nak kiamat.Solihin duduk kat belakang ni."My classmates started laughing.

"That's right,Solihin.Why do you sit at the back?"

"Tu la saye cakap sir.Dunia nak kiamat."

Good times.Really good times.Although I "abandoned" them almost for the 2/3 of the first semester,they still accepted my well.Since that day,we became very close.Each of the them makes me laughed each time four of us are together.Huhu.Until we called it "Heroine".It's like a drug.The next jokes that came out from their mouth is oftenly funnier than before.Huhu.

When we are together,we always laugh.And as usually I was always the topic.Huhu.

Sedih la cam ni.Kat matrix slalu kene kutuk,kt UMP pn same.Hahaha.

Each of us have special nick name




Me-Abu(why Abu?xnk cter.tnyer la dorng sendiri)

Each of them is always special to me.

Saiful is a Chemistry genius of our class.Ask anything about organic chem,he can answer it.Came from Besut,Terengganu,he has Kelantanese slang.It's always funny when he do the english presentation.Haha.We always cracked up laughing all the way.The thing that I admire about him,although he cannot speak very well,he never gave up.He always try again and again.And he is very humble,except for his hometown.haha.He always says that Besut is the best place in Malaysia,that is why he removed "e" from Besut making it to be Best.Hahaha.

Faiz is the head of the class.Average guy,just like me,who "perasan" handsome.Haha.But deep-down he is always humble.Admireable characteristic,love to make jokes.One thing I will always remember of him is that each weekend,he often went for a jog.Not because he wants to jog,but just to look at the girls who went to jogs.Hahaha.Sometimes I joined him too.What?I'm a guy too.

Hizami is the "budak masjid" from our group.Slalu je nmpk dier kt masjid tu.And he is also the JPP(Exco Kewangan).He is my reference is I seek answer for Islam after Fahmi.Kalau aku tanya budak Mimi 2 dia tak jawab,aku tanya la Si Hizami ni.Also love making jokes and he is the best in the group.Haha.

They accepted me well although I abandoned them.Thanks for accepting me as your friends and making my life at matrix the sweet memory I can never forget.

PS:There are 2 people left for those who change my life.Hehe.keep following if you want to know who they are.
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