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Saturday, November 29, 2008

28 of Nov

Yesterday was probably my once of my top worst day in my life because I lost my beg and everything in it.My new shirts,my "Anak Pahang" shirt,my tracksuits,battery charger,specs,and the new Nike football that I just bought.It was just like 7 minutes that I left my beg to buy an Arsenal jersey but when I came back,the bag was missing.I spent almost an hour to look for my bag but it was just a waste of time.It worth almost RM 5oo my lost that is.It's just ain't my day.

Meeting them again

Those who I were refering to are few of my bestfriends,Fahmi,Miera,Duha and Zaiha(arrangement as picture above but Fahmi is not in the picture).I met Fahmi first (on 20/11) with his girlfriend,Azrin.I was out actually with my brother and cousin when he called me saying that he was on his way.But he came alone at first.Then,he message me saying that if i want to meet his girlfriend,i need to meet him back.There she was sitting next to him.From the picture that Fahmi sent to me,I must admit that she looked prettier compared to her picture but still not my type.Hahahaha.Then,the next day,I met my other bestfriends,Miera and Duha.Zaiha is Miera's bestfriends actually but we are still very close.Zai,Miera and I met Duha at Times as she arrived there first.We did not do a lot of activities compared to my prac reunion but it was still awesome.We took a few pictures,went for shopping and played bowling.Miera refused to play but we still enjoyed ourselves.We went home kinda early as Miera and Duha needed to return home early as they live in Seremban.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To see my pracmates again..

Finally,the day that I have waited to most came.It was the reunion with my practicum mates in matric.Although only a few that turned up,but it was still fantastic.Those who came are myself,Faiz,Izyanti,Syahira,Wahidah,Alia,Fatimah,Rasyidah who brought along her boyfriend,Fad.I was kinda surprised to see Faiz have become more handsome,but all they girl stayed the same,beautiful as before.Maybe a little bit prettier.Wahid was with her cousin most of the time so we just got to talk a bit and took few pictures of her.Our activities on that that day was lunch at Pizza Hut(Wahid not with us),went for movie,Madagascar 2(which was extermely hilarious) and played bowling(it was awesome but Alia and Fatimah were not with us).We enjoyed ourselves very much.After that most wanted to leave as it was getting late and the train may be packed with people.Faiz and I went for our little "Tour of Revenge" at Garden as we were not satisfied the fact that we were lost in there few month ago.Hahaha.I definitely enjoyed the day so much.Finally all I can say here is THANK YOU MY FRIENDS.I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sebelum Cuti...

Before I'm going back to my 8'th Heaven tomorrow,I had to move all my stuffs in my room as the "askar wataniah" will be staying temporarily in my block.Idiot.Why the hell must it my block?My room?The person who will be staying there better take good care of the few stuffs that i left.I even left them some notes.Hope they will follow it.Now,I'm like a refugee,as all my stuffs are at Yeng's room.It was damn exhausting to move all my stuffs here.It took me 5 trips to move all my stuffs.Now,it settled.Luckily,Yeng's roommates,Wan,Naquib and Iqbal welcomed me with opened arms.This is the only room here that the people live in it that I'm kinda close other than my own room that is.I can't wait to be home.I even had planned what I'm going to do this holiday.But it's about doing it,not planning it(Max favourite line).I missed my family so much.Can't wait to be home.There are lots of things that I miss about home other than my family.I missed my 2 best friends,Max and Alex, the football field where I play football with my friends, and most importantly my mum's cooking.I'll be home.Wait for me.
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