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Sunday, May 31, 2009

tagged by kak sarah comel...

Peraturan: Jika anda di tag, adalah sunat muakad untuk anda menulis 25 perkara yang masih anda ingat semasa anda zaman kecik2 >.< . Di penghujungnya, sila lah memilih 5 orang untuk anda menetag. Serta jangan lupa untuk menetag orang yang telah menetag anda. Jika saya menetag anda, ini adalah kerana saya mahu mengetahui lebih lanjut berkaitan kenangan anda semasa zaman comel2.

1.I started my kindergarden life when I was 4 year old at Tadika Muhibbah.It was the beginning of my education life.It was fun.Kinda timid when I was 4,but became taiko when I was 5.haha.

2.When I entered primary,I began the class leader for three years straight.Year 1 to Year 3.I have a geng,a very kind friends.We always eat and play together during recess time.My team was mutliracial.Malay,Chinese and Indian.But there was another geng that dislike me.Jealous maybe.hahaha!!!

3.When I was in Year 3,I took an examination called PTS(Penilainan Tahap Satu).Along the year,my teachers always have extra classes for us who will be taking the exam.I always present for the class but all the homework given,I never even bother to care.Not important.But when the day came,I think I was the most scared.Deserve me right.I don't know a thing when I answer the paper.Just guess and answer.But alhamdulillah,Allah gave me the rezeki.I was among the lucky four to passed.

4.When I was in my new environment,Year 5,I felt different.Well it's because I'm in a class with kids who are a year older.But after few months,we became good friends.I also became a prefect.Naik pangkat.Hahaa.Bangge gler mase 2.Hihi.

5.Dh la.Letih la kak sarah.Penat nk tulis smua ni.Conclusion nyer,hidup Yien mase kecik xde kenangan sgt.Smua tu dh lupe.Haha.

k la.nk tag:
kak emy
kak zetti
xtau sape lg yg blum kene tagged ni..
PS:ikut korng la nk tulis brape byk tp pling kurang cm saye.5

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gonna play again...

After weeks of resting,I was able to play tennis again.Hahaha.How satisfiying!!!Even though I lost 7-5.All these time my racket was with Ijat,now it'sback in my hand.I guess time to train has start once again.So,after this is any of you want to find me in the evening,find me at the tennis court ok?Hehe.Cannot wait for tomorrow...

I want to play again.

This is my favorite Prince of Tennis character,Genichiro Sanada. a.k.a Emperor.You may not believe this but one of the main reason I learn to play tennis is because of him.hehe.Amazing character.even if he is just a cartoon character...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was tagged!!!

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ini:

1.love to smile
2.love to be around cafe

3.always with kak zetti(network)
4.computer kid(network i think)
5.has a boyfriend,Azam

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sndiri sebelum memilih
1-full name:Muhamad Solihin Bin Hashim
3-DOB:17 January 1990
4-POB-Hospital Lmut,Perak Darul Ridzuan
5-Love making friends,especially girls(Hahaha!!!)
6-Favourite books:Harry Potters'
7-Love sports:football,basketball,tennis,badminton,futsal,volleyball
8-love to eat
9-HATE tauge!!!

Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award dan describe tentang mereka...ngeh3...

this is easy:

1.Kak emy

2.kak sarah

3kak zetti(software)

4.kak siti farhana

5.kak wani

6.kak zetti(network)

7.dh xtau sape lg yg ade blog...

8.sory dh xde name dh...

1. put this badge on your awesome blog.2. award this badge to 10 bloggers whom you think are inspirational and friendly.3. make sure you put the 'recepients' name here, along with their links.4. let them know about this.

this is easy:
1.Kak emy
2.kak sarah
3kak zetti(software)
4.kak azie
5.kak siti farhana
6.kak wani
7.kak zetti(network)
8.dh xtau sape lg yg ade blog...

Lastly...the 3rd Tag!!! (and the longest one..*sweat*)

1. how old are you?--> 19 still.hehe

2. are u single?--> yes I am,but not available.Haha

.3. at what age do you think you’ll get married?--> 27@28??

4.Do you think youll be marrying the person you are with now?--> how am I suppose to know?

5.If not, who do you want to marry?--> May Allah lead me to the right one

6.Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?-->definitely not my brother.Haha.Maybe be bestfriend

7. do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?--> I don't know what is that anyway.

8.Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?--> Don't know

9. How many guests do you think youll invite?--> Relatives, friends, neighbours...dunno how many...

10. Will that include your exes?--> I don't have any

11. How many layers of cake do you want?--> don't care.One is enough

12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening?--> best is morning.so that in the evening i shall have time for my evening nap.hahaha

13. name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding?--> all kind of songs:hindustans,korean,japanese,chinese,malays,indons,french,italian,nasyid,lagu kawen,smua la...

14. do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?--> use hand,more romantic.hahaha

15. Champagne or red wine?--> fresh orange please....

16.honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?--> probabbly days after.

17.money or household item?--> for them to be there is enough for me,but if could,give BOTH.Haha

18.how many kids would you like to have?--> that depends on her...

19.will you record your honeymoon in cd?--> I think we might buy a new external with the size 1 Tera.hahaha

20. I want to know their wedding planning..-->all my family members,and friends

PS:This is the first time i answer a tagged.If I did it wrongly,please notify me.To,Kak Sarah,sory didn't answer to your tagged before.HuHuHu.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Projek Semaian Kasih Tasik Chini

Sory for the late post of this thing.HuHu.Lazy and internet is such a big issue here.Haha

Don't I look good?hahhah.This is one from many of my pictures at Tasik Chini.

Let's begin the story.On 11 of Mei,we went to SK Tasik Chini for our PSK.The main purpose of PSK is actually for the students to be adopted by the people there.But under certain unavoidable reasons and safety precautions,we changed the concept to PKM.So,we stayed at the school and interact with the students.We arrived around 9 like that but we were told that the palace officers will also come to the school for some reason.What a luck?We continued our work until 11 when the officers came.We were wold that it would only take 30-40 minutes only but somehow,they 'stole' the kids until lunch.Huhuhu.After lunch and Zohor pray,we continued our activities.We played Ultraman Ace and many more.(Didn't remember the sequence).Later that evening,the kids took us to the lake.

These are some of the pictures:

nk ngorat kak Azie....

look at Kak Ijan face..

What exactly she is doing????

It looks like it was edited ain't it?That's the problem.It is beautiful as it is.

I can't let only others the beautiful pictures with the scenery.With my good looks,these picture looks so breath-taking.Hahaha

Zack pn same gak???

Fuyooohhhh!!!!Smart la gmbr ni Dato.Blh promote ni....

That night we didn't much of things.Just have our dinner after Isyak,discussed about the activities for the next day and went to bed.The boys went for "small cinema" first.They put on "Spider-Plant Man".I fell asleep half the way.Hahaha.

12 Mei 2009

That morning woke up a little late.6.30 am.Kak Emy yg tolong kejutkan.Huhu.We began our activities of the day with chicken dance.Then we had math quiz.It amazing actually.These kids have lots of potential,even compared to the city kids.They are smart.Then,we played memory test based of colours.It was the most surprising of all.There was a kid in Kak Azie's group who can remember all of it.I can bet even the faci's,none of them can do it as fast her.It's like she has a photostatic memory.Huhuhu.Jealous.

This is the game I was talking about.Firstly you try to say the colour in the colour as fast as you can.Then,remember the colour.Try it.It improve your brain's power.Hehe.If you cannot do it,something wrong la.Hahaha!!!!

Later that eveing,around 5 like that,as promised by prof.We went for a cruise around Tasik Chini.I was really exited.Subhanallah.The scenery was breath-taking.Huhu.These are of the pictures that I and Kak Ijan took:

Getting ready to get on...

cantik gak gmbr x sengaje ni kn?

sweet memory...

Kak Ijan took this one.Beauty ain't it?

The ladies...except the one who is wearing the cap.Hahaha

learining how to sumpit...

...The big boys...

prof!!!What are you doing??Haaa.Caught red-handed!

Zack is in the house

memory with the people there.Kak Azie took these picture for us.Thanks kak Azie!!!

Eleh Bang Long ni.Termenung plak dier.Ingt awek la 2.mentang2 la tmpt ni lawa n romantik.hehehe

Keindahan yang x dpt diungkp dgn kate2.You need to be there to feel it.

Dh nk blik pn smpat nkk posing2 lg?Zack(geleng2 pale).hahaha

In the night,we just discussed about what happened on the day.But that night was extra special.Abang Wan was with us too.So,we shown him few of the pictures that we took at the lake and the "Special for Abang Wan" video.Abang Wan plak tnjkkan buku first PSK at Cameron Highland.The authors was excited.(Sendiri tau la sape pengarng2 tu).Then,straight to bed.

13 Mei 2009

That morning we woke up early to jemput the kids.Kami terlebih awal So,sementare tu ape lg.Like usual...

Kenangan awal pagi..Btl x Kak Emy?Hehe

If I am not mistaken,Zack took this picture.Thanks a lot.Bertambah lg gmbr macho aku.Hahaha

Ingat pakwe ke?hihiEarly morning memory...

Good morning!!!

That morning a little touching.Cause some of them started to cry.They do not want us to go back.Huhu.Maybe it's because we have touch their heart by giving them love that maybe some of them rarely get from their everyday life.Although it was just for a few days,I think we brought something that more than just laughter.We also gave them confidence and most importantly,LOVE!The most powerful feeling in the world.We'll come back.Don't cry ok?Study hard and smart,kids.

This is my group,REXTON!!from left:Su Pin,Izati,Yu Lin,Samiza and Ah Tom.Yg comel kt dpn tu x perlu la nk diperkenalkn lg kn?

PSM.What a memory!!!


KEPADA LAW, saje aku aku bubuh bnyk2 gmbr dlm ni.Nk bg kau jeles..hahaha.Sbnyer byk lg gmbr2 best dlm ni.tp mls la nk bubuh byk2,kang terlebih jeles plak.haha.

Kak Sarah's Sister's Wedding...

I went to Kak Sarah's house on 9/5 for her sister's wedding.It was just any other wedding,full with colours.We(me,Kak Emy and Kak Azie) reached her house kinda early,around 10 something.Kak Sarah looks stunning.All these time I always says that she is not preety but very cute.But on that day,she look like a princess.Drop-dead-gorgeous.Here are some of the pictures of the day

Kak Sarah,Kak Azie and Kak Emy

Princess and Prince.hahahaha

Eh,even while eating still want to pose?Hahaha

After that,I went home to Kak Emy's house.So,that it'll be easier when we want t night o go back to UMP together.I met her family members.Her parents welcome me with opened arms.They are really friendly.Later that night,we went to Alamanda cause we need to look for the a frame but failed to find it.Then we went Dataran Putrajaya.I think that what it is called.Took a few pictures and went back.

Don't Kak Emy look so adorable?I want the brown teddy....

These are Kak Emy's sisters.The one holding the bears is Iqa and the other one is Nana.Iqa is just the same age with me while Nana is in Form 3.Both of them are really friendly.Easy to get along.Nana has a very cute characteristic similar to Kak Emy.Their laugher.Thanks Kak Emy cause of your invitation.I get to know new friends.Hehehe.

PS:Jgn mrh Yien mskkn gmbr akak.xsggup rsnyer xnk ltk gmbr yg sgt CUTE 2.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broken heart...

A broken mirror that is glued back together perfectly is never the same like before it is broken

Ever heard of that line before?I was told from one of my sisters.She said the mirror represent a woman's heart.If you hurt their feelings,it is like you break their heart.You can apologise for your mistake but can they forgive you?Their lips may say,"Yes,I forgive you" but does their heart really forgive you?To say "I am sorry" is very easy but to forgive is sometimes the hardest thing that someone can do.Even I cannot forgive everyone.

But,I am really sorry.Hoping that you will forgive me.I am really sorry.I never intend to hurt your feelings.When you said you were "terkilan",I was speechless.Saying I'm sorry was the only thing that I can do.Never crossed my mind that my decision would hurt you that much.Yien betul-betul mintak maaf.I am willing to let go of anything in the world except one when it comes to people that I love and care.All of you made me feel like I have sisters for the first time in my life,and I pray not to lose that.

I love you and do not want to lose any of you...


Program Latihan Fasilitator Minggu Induksi Siswa 2009/2010 is what PROMINDS stands for.It was a 4 days and 3 nights training the facilitators mentally and physically for the coming intake.I don't have much to say about the program.It was exhausting but enjoyable.We were also give "unique" nickname.Me as Lipan,Khaliq as Proton Saga,Taqi as Proton Juara,Law as Sawi,Zack as Perodua Kembara,Kak Kila as Sudu and most important Kak Ijan as Orang Utan.Hahahaha.Here Taqi and Law also get other new names,Bang Long(Taqi) and Bang Ngah(Law).Me,Zack and Dato' K became the three young,macho siblings.Hahahaha.

Dato' K a.k.a Proton Saga,Abang Ngah a.k.a Sawi and me a.k.a Lipan

Sawi,Zack a.k.a Proton Kembara and Abang Long a.k.a Proton Juara

It was just going normally for the first three days.But the finall night,it was the worst.During dinner he had a wonderful time,laughing all the way when Sawi kept making jokes non stop.It felt like a balloon waiting to explode.But after that,we were force to do 100 push up by the don't-know-who.It was excrutiating.It was more than 100 times I think.My hand was numb for the 40 min like that.I cannot even lift my arms to wipe the sands on my face.What the crap man?What exactly you think we are?Superman?Huhuh.Then,we went for nightwalk.I was so tired till I didn't feel scared at all.When the urusetia ask me to write my name at the light,I just go to the light without noticing anything unusual.Next,to me was a grave.But that time,i just said,"Eh,kubur?",wrote my name and ic and just walkaway without fear at all.

Kak Ijan a.k.a Orang Utan

Kak Kila a.k.a Sudu

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