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Thursday, April 23, 2009

cute senior citizen of UMP

I still remember the first time I entered UMP.It was like my first day at matrix.Cursing it all the way.Why was I sent here?I don't even apply to be here.I gonna rot here.I wonder if I can enjoy my life living and studing here like I did in KMNS.

But somehow,it seems to change day by day.It true what people say.Allah knows better.It is my destiny to be here and now,I love every day that I spend at UMP.You know why?

It is because of the friends that I have here.I have wonderful company here.These people treat me nicely.Some help me with a lot of stuff.But the most important thing is that they brings me smile each time I see them.They are so cute.Hahaha.It's not a joke.Some are cute because of thier physical apperance are cute but there some that cute because of their characteristics.I enjoy living together with them.I call them my "Akak".

These are some of my akak....

this is my boss,Kak Fad.The Chief Academic Exco of PETAKOM.She help me with quite a lot with the PETAKOM stuffs.Kind-hearted leader whose there to help those who needs.

these are other 3 cute citizen.Kak Siti,Hilda, and Kak Tieya.These 2 ladies share one thing in common:love to smile.Just look at the picture.hahahaha

this is the ex-MPP,Kak Emma.I firstly know her during the MINDs.The main reason I can remember her name well is because she talked the most during the introduction of the MPPs to the juniors.Hahahaha!!!

The red shirt is Meon and next to her is Kak Wahid.Still have time to pose in the middle of the game.

these are my other sisters,Kak Baiyah and Kak Mar.Aren't they just adorable?Hehehe.

Kak Wani and Kak Aily.Cute,aren't they?Hehe.Smile....

This is Kak Mira.This picture was taken during morning exercise of PKM.Hahaha.How adorable is she???

Kak Yaya with her adorable possing.This one a little wierd one.Hahaha.What I love about her is her laugh.Adorable as the owner.Hahahaha

A little otai but has a kind heart,Kak Sarah.I knew her during In-Smartive AGM.The moment she wanted to enter the DKU,she said,"Eh,bising ar.".I was shocked.I wasn't even talking to her.I was actually teasing her friend,Kak Emy.But after that,we become quite close.Hehehe.Now,I have been assigned as her personal photographer at her sister's wedding on 9 Mei.Thanks,Kak Sarah.It is an honour.Hehehe.

This is Kak Zila(the red shirt) or better known as Ustazah Yunan.Hahahaha

Kak Ijan,Kak Azie,Kak Zetti and Kak Kila.The fantastic Four.Hahaha.For these four,they are a little bit different.What make them different?Their smiles.They can steals any boys hearts.Especially Kak Azie and Kak Zetti.Her cubbiness makes her looks adorable.Kak Ijan ngan Kak Kila jgn jeles plak...Hahahah

Kak Zila.I knew her from one of In-Smartive activities:PKM.

The first three cute+adorable In-Smartive ladies that I know.Kak Emy(top),Kak Lis(left) and Kak Diba.Kak Emy is cute because of her laugh.It's just adorable.Kak Lis and Kak Diba are cute when they smile.Haha.Looks like cute babies.Hahaha

Conclusion here is that these people are the main reason why I love calling myself UMPians.There are still a lot more cute seniors here but I do not have their pictures,so cannot put in this post.Sory...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

jika aku jatuh hati...

Ya Allah,
Jika aku jatuh hati,Kau izinkanlah hati ini menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya bertaut padaMu agar aku tidak terjatuh dalam jurang cinta nafsu yang dikuasai oleh syaitan...

Ya Allah,
jika aku jatuh cinta,Kau berikanlah cintaku itu pada orang yang melabuhkan cinta padaMu agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk mencintaiMu...

Ya Allah,
jika aku jatuh cinta,Kau lindungilah hatiku agar cinta aku padanya tidak melebihi cintaku padaMu,agar aku tidak berpaling dariMu...

Are the lines above excellently arrange?Haha.I got it from a website.It is true what it said.For me,it is not wrong if you want to love or to be loved.It is fitrah.But as a reminder to all you readers,and myself,when we love some,love him or her sincerely.If you are a Muslim,try to love her or him because of Allah,not only because of looks or money alone cause that will go away.But if you love him or her because of Allah,insyaAllah your relationship will be happy always and last forever.

I also hope that when I find the special girl,my love for her will be like the saying above.Amin.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sorry for those who has been waiting for me to write a new post.Been very lazy lately.Based on the title,I just wanna make a confession.Something that I try to keep it in my heart but I cannot hold it any longer.It is about someone.A woman who is special to me.Every other girls,ladies and women are special to me to but the person who I want to write about is a little more special than you all.I knew her since last sem.But I never really mind about her.Never even bother.But it all change when I entered this sem.I will not deny here that I firstly like her because of her looks.She is beautiful.Really beautiful.(I know some will say that,"Yien says that to every girl.").I know that I says that to every girl because it is true.It is not because I want to cover my lines,but if I see the girl is cute or beautiful than I will say so.Back to the girl,she is a dream girl.Her looks represent something that is very rare that we can see nowadays..She looks beautiful each times she smiles.That smiles stole my heart.Even when she smiles sarcastically,she still looks so adorable.

But,I remembered a saying that

"Nafsu menyukur wanita itu jelita kerna rupa parasnya
Akal menilai wanita itu jelita kerna kepintaran
Hati menobatkan wanita itu jelita kerna akhlaknya"

Looks is only 30% reason why i like her.The other 70% is because she make me to feel happy and sad each time I look at her.Most of the time is sad.Each time.You guys must be wondering why on earth would I like someone that makes me sad,right?I'm sorry but I cannot tell.Let only me and Allah knows about it.
But I just wanna say here is that I really want to thank you,Special Woman.Because you keep on making me sad.

PS:This is something that I wrote in matrix.Don't get confused.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

whom I dream of...

Woman whom I adore
Is someone who love her Creator
Who gives love,fear and hope
Who controls her life
For time to time,day by day
Until her soul is separated from the body

Woman whom I miss
Is someone whose eyes and face shines with Nur Ilahi
Her tougue wet with zikrullah
Always thinks of Allah in her tiny heart

Woman whon I love
Is someone who cover her aurat from non-muhrim mens' eyes
Her pride more valueable than a sea of diamond
Praised by citizens of the sky and the earth

Woman whom I dream of
Is someone who make my far away heart closer back
To Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim
But I was rarely there
Cause my heart was conquere with this world
which made me careless
Now my heart who is attracted to you made me wants to come back to Him

Woman whom I love
Is someone who being grateful with whatever she have
Patience with what she don't
Love living average that never materialistic

Woman who I lie
Is someone who will be the light to the prince and princess who will be born
To continue fighting in later days

That is the woman I love,I adore,I respect,I dream of,
But if you know who you are,I bet you will keep yourself distance...
Cause I bet that you will also agree that I am way-out of your league...
I can never be on the same level to you...
It should be just looking your from far..
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