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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kau pengubah hidupku 1...


you must be wondering who might these people are an why did I say so...
Well,then you have to always follow my blog.Hihihi.

This first entry is for the first person who is the starting point of the reason I changed my life.But before that,allow me to tell you a little history of my life.(Some may already know the story)
When I in my secondary school life,I have what I considered not so good environment for me where I cannot get along with my Malay peers.At school and at home.Being bullied most of the time.(I was timid kinda kid when I was in form 1 to form 3).This causes me to hate all of them.To me they bring nothing but trouble.So,I be friends with non-Malays.When I entered form 4,I declared a war with those in my neighbourhood.hoho.(dh masuk form 4,rs bsr kepale la).The war continued until I entered matriculation.Hoho.Bayangkan...
So,these five years of experience of being bullied and hated,it cause me to hate them.Making me uncomfortable being among them.That what makes my life so damn difficult for the first couples of month at KMNS.I was so shocked that the placed was fulled with Malays.Well,I was told there will be lots of Malays than other races but never in my minds I thought it will be overwhelm like that.I makes me really uncomfortable.Luckily I have my bestfriend,Wan Lye @ Genius with me there.To be my friend.If not I think I'll rot and die there without having any friends at all.Huhu

For the first few weeks,I am always with Wan Lye.Everywhere I went I definately with him.Just like Kak Kila and Kak Emy now.Hihi.

But one day,I changed my life perception because of one person.My roommate.Muhammad Fahmi or I always called him,Mimi.Hahaha.He is my life changer.The starting point.He made me changed my point of view because of the way his personality and how he treated me.All these times,after being bullied for 5 years I always thought that there will be none of my Malay peers that I can respect.How wrong was I?

Each time after Asar and Isyak pray,he always recite Quran.And when I looked at him doing it,it turn my diamond-hard heart to rock-hard.Huhu.And he always tell Islamic stories to me.There was once,during the first day of Ramadhan,he asked me.

'Bila datang Ramadhan,ada dua golongan manusia yang bergembira.Yang hidup dan yang mati'
'Nape yang dah mati pun akan gembira?'I asked.
'Orang yang mati gembira sebab hukuman seksaan kubur akan diberikan.Munkar & Nankir akan buat pengunguman',"Kita akan cutikan hukuman selama sebulan"
'Kau tau tak nape dorang seronok sampai camtu?'
'Semua taktau.Ape nak jadi?Kau dah tengokkan camne Ichigo lawan Byakuya?Camtu la seksaaas dalam kubur.Dengan rantai besi membara,dorang sebat sampai masuk 70 kaki dalam tanah'

Just look at the way he gave his tazkirah.Funny.haha.Then,during sahur he told me another story

'Tau tak nape sahur ni digalakkan?'
geleng pale je la yang aku tau...
'Sebab malaikat akan doakan kita.'

There was one time me and Fahmi woke up late.Just enough time to drink water.Huhu.Both of us refuse to take the blame.Haha.Sweet times...Because of the way he is,he able to make me changed my perceptions towards the Malays.Since then,I was able to be frinds with other Malays and now I have many more friends.Haha.If I have never met him,I think I am still a kid whose heart is so hard that it could shattered glass.Hihi.

Thanks Mimi.You may never read this and may never know this,but I am really grateful that I met you.Aku akan sentiasa doakan kau.Kau ubah kehidupan aku walaupun sedikit di mata kau,tapi bagi aku itu sangat penting dalam hidup aku.

Ya Allah,aku bersyukur padaMu kerana kau telah temukan aku dengan sahabat seperti dia.Sesungguhnya percaturanMu tiada cacat cela.Ku pohon agar Kau sentiasa merahmatinya,permudahkan segala urusannya,menjadikan dia ceria selalu seperti dia menceriakan aku semasa aku bersamanya dahulu.

Fahmi is one of the first person that made my life change.There are five more coming.Want to know who?Hihi.Slalu la bc ye?hihi

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tarikh-tarikh penting...

Assalamualaikum to all my blog followers(Muslims) and good day(non-Muslim)...
Some of you may not believe what happened for the past few weeks but all I can say was that last week was the most-packed-with-inportant-events in my life.ExpoKonvo,UMP convocation,Kak Kila & Taqi's birthday,Abang Wan's wedding and open-house(Abang Bad and Prof Fadhil).
If I want to write about the whole thing that occurs in every single of those events,I think it is going to be as long as the phylosophy book.So,I would just write a few about it and insert more pictures.

On Saturday(3rd Oct),I was invited to the firstly-held-in-UMP 4th Convocation at UMP Sports Complex together with Kak Zetty,Kak Emy,Kak Kila and Zack.We sat quite at the back unlike Bang Long and Bang Ngah who sat next to Abang Wan.hahaha.After the event ended(penganugerahan PhD dalam Kejuruteraan Awam kepada Sultan Pahang),we went to the Expo and took pictures all over the sites.haha
Bergambar di Air Terjun UMP

On 4th Oct,in the afternoon,I went to take pictures of my classmates who graduates like Kak Nani,Kak Murni,Kak Pika,Kak Ila,Kak Wana,Adam,Abang,Kak Wawa.At night,we had little birthday party for Kak Kila & Bang Long.Both of them was not expecting any of it.Hoho.Especially Kak Kila who I lied and raised my voice to her.Maaf kak.Bukanlah untuk menyakiti akak but just playing along the drama.
picture with Adam
Kak Murni with her friend
With Kak Nani
Birthday Girl & Birthday Boy
Kembar 3(K,Z,Y)
Bila Dugong jumpe kek...
Terkuzut dapat hadiah...

Then,on 9th Oct,I went to Abang Wan's wedding ceremony.I didn't realise that I am so good-looking when I put on baju Melayu(the slack thing is that I didn't have my songkok).Hahaha.

Gambar Abang Wan & isteri tercinta

Then on 10th Oct night,I,Kak Kila,Kak Emy,Kak Zetty and Hafiz when to Abang Bad's house for his invitation to his open house together with prof,Kak Jaja,Mak Ngah and budak Jepun.(No picture taken cause I didn't bring my camera.)After we went home,we help prof to prepare for his open house.
Bertungkus-lumus di dapur
Cukup kuota.hahahaha

Penat gler.Pertama kali dalam hidupku aku sibuk di dapur.Kalau di rumah,selalunya kena halau je dengan mak.Hahaha
That's what has happened to me for the past two weeks.Thanks for reading.
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