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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scandal baru??!!


Hehehe...You must be shocked with the title right?Haha.It's just for fun.Actually it is about the pictures that were myself and few friends took today(30 Sep 09).Few are some of the pictures:
This picture was taken after Databaseclass.(Pikachumel,Kak Ayu,Seri Murni)

This is my SAD lecturer last sem

3 jelitawan yg bersembunyi di balik tabir

Aisyah,nama salah seorang isteri Rasulullah.Perwatakannya menjadi ikutan setiap wanita muslimah.Seorang yang dikatakan sempurna di mata manusia.Cantik dan bijak.Itulah yang dikatakan tentang dirinya.Semua lelaki di dunia ini ingin memiliki hati wanita sebegini dan aku juga tidaklah terkecuali(it's a lie if I am not).Tetapi,tidaklah diri ini layak untuk mendampingi wanita sedemikian.Cukuplah sekadar membaca perwatakan baginda untuk memperbaiki diriku yang lemah lagi hina ini...

Sempat bergambar dgn lecturer HE

3 beautiful ladies + 1 handsome kid = SAMA PADAN

Muke sorang2 xleh blah

Rehat sebentar bersama bihun sup(Kak Ila xmkn...)

Yang tudung hijau tu Kak Wawa...

Yang ni Kak Dibdid ngan Kak Lia.Comelkan?Ingat dulu nak try tekel tp dua2 dh berpunyer dh.Hahaha

This is what happen when you love sup too much

a thousand word picture

Sunday, September 27, 2009



msti terkuzutkn nape tb2 je tjk cmni n gmbr pn...
xde ape sgt nk cter dlm psot kali ni..

cm nk cter sok aku nk blik UMP tercinta

tp td g jlan2 kt Putrajaya.Best...

pastu nth cmne blh SESAT...

nagivigation system rosak...

2 2 plak tu...

tp nsb baik dpt recover half way....

2 pn satu je...

yg lagi satu last2 minute br recover..


Dato plak suke2 je langgr U turn..

nsb baik polis kt jauh di dpn..

klau x kene la saman..


ms naviation system rsk aku cume gelak je la...

sbb yg rosak tu pn gelak2..

pstu dh xtau cmne nk blik,ms singgh nk isi minyak...

si navigation siap call ketua navigation untuk tnyer jln blik..

huhuhu..byngkn mcm amne aku gelak dlm kete tu..


tu la pengalaman raye pelik tp benar thn ni..

that's all 4 now..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giving up???


This is probably the last post before Hari Raya.Firstly,I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri to all my friends,brothers,sisters,lecturers,teachers and everyone I know and whoever read this post.

About the title above,I just would like to tell you about story of my life.It may get boring for you,but who cares?This is MY BLOG.Haha.

It was about 'Heart to Heart' session that I had with some schools kids during a programme that I joined a few weeks ago.I was just giving them a little motivation talk on "Why we should not give up".I told them about my life,how everything felt like the end of my life when I got my matriculation final result.It was the worst feeling in the world(After failing in my form 2).I was stunned the moment I looked at it.I felt so painful that I tried to torture myself to get rid of the pain(I did not try to kill myself if that what you were thinking).I slowly recovered from it and now I am fully healed.And you know why?Cause someone wise told me once,"Give up when God leave you."But that ain't gonna happen,does it?Cause Allah will always be with you.Yeah,maybe sometimes He tests you that makes you think He overtest you,but realise this,Allah never test anything on anyone that he or she cannot overcome.It just takes time.Give yourself a second chance and say,"I can do this".Not on everything,but some.You know what I mean.

I got this idea after reading the magazines that my sister was in,Kak Emy in Mingguan Wanita and Kak Ijan in Remaja.These two didn't get what they want but look at them now?Interviewed to be in magazine.FYI,a few of my sisters are in the list for the next edition.

Kak Emy in Mingguan Wanita

Kak Ijan in Remaja(the picture next to her,I took it.That's why I'm NOT in it.)

That's all for now.Hope you enjoy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Ramadhan terakhir di UMP untuk tahun ni..


Time flew so passed when we enjoying the moments.It's already been 20 days of Ramadhan.Huhu.It felt like it was just yesterday that I started my second Ramadhan in UMP.Hahaha.This year was probably the best yet the worst Ramadhan for me.It is best cause this Ramadhan I break fast with different people at different places.Abang Wan's house,SK Purun,mosque,KFC and of course my room.Hihi.I break fast at mosque at the early part of Ramadhan,then shift to SK Purun(during Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan),Abang Wan on last Monday, and KFC(just now).Haha.It was fun especially at SK Purun and Abang Wan's house.

berbuka puasa kat SK Purun ngan adik2 angkat.rindu kt korng.

berbuke kat rumah Abang Wan.Sedap gler Abang Wan masak.Smpai licin masakan dier aku bantai

ni time berbuke ngan abng long,abng ngah,z n bob.Ni mase mkn Big Apple.Sedapppp....

But it is also the worst.This Ramadhan,I make a lot more mistakes to others.Huhu.Especially this very last very.Let's review shall we?During the Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan programme where I was the Pengarah Program,there was tonnes of mistakes that I did.Firstly,I didn't planned the activity very well making the fasilitators a little confius on what to do next after each activity ends.Once the things ends,I did not play my role as the head of the programme to wake the others for sahur as I myself was sleeping.And my biggest mistakes was that I did not realise that one of the fasilitators has lost one of her family members.She got a phone call from her mother saying that her grandmum had passed away.She woke up to prepare the meal for sahur with the teachers but most of us including me did not wake up.She woke up early so that we can go back early but when we got back,it was already to late for her.Her grandma has been buried.It's my fault.

Second,was last night.I went out to break fast with my Abang Long,Abang Ngah,Zack n Bob.At first it was fun.We break fast at KFC.Everything was going well.Until I made my mistakes.Firstly I was late for 40 minutes for my SDP discussion,I forgot about my promise to one of my sister to lend a book,I forgot to lend my friend a book,I forgot to pay my debt to my friend,I was late to return my friend pendrive.WAU...Amazing ain't it?

Just look at at how many mistakes I made.In just TWO occasion.This is why I cannot be a good leader.I'm just a pathetic boy.Maybe this what most do not know about me.I am sorry for what I did and you have the right to be mad at me.It's my fault and I'll take full responsibility on it.This is why there was once someone said to me that I am pathetic.I guess he is right.I am just a pathetic boy.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Pesona Ukhuwah Seindah Ramadhan

Me and Yeng

it has been ages since i updated my blog.huhu.Others has been asking,"It been a while since you update your blog.."
Huhu.What do you guys expect?I'm lazy...Hahaha.But I was told by Abang wan that he want to compete whose blog is more famous....Hahaha.
You're going down Abang Wan...

Ok la.Back to main point,yesterday I went for another programme of In-Smartive,at SK Purun.It was just like any other programmes,fun and enjoyable.We started our trip at 7.00 am (actually we were suppose to go 6.30 but some "people" woke up late.Awal2 dh dgr ceramah motivasi.huhuhu).We reached the school at 9.30 am.When we reached there,the kids already waited for us by the school gate.Huhu.Another warm welcome,just like before.
The activity started with academic slots and I was invovled unlike before where I was just the cameraman.My students were Fatin and Hidayah.I taught them English and Science.
Fatin and Hidayah

After Zohor pray,those who already finished their academic slots went for tadarus Al-Quran,while those who have not,continue to finish the slots.Then,at 3 pm,there was personal moments with the kids.For my group,I combined with Kak Zetty,Kak Nani and Hazim.Only me and Hazim talked,the other just kept quiet.I didn't talked much,just giving them a little advise.So does Hazim.After Asar pray,all of us went to bazar ramadhan,and shop for our food.Huhu.Teruk aku kene pow.huhu.I didn't buy much for myself.Just water,roti jala and murtabak.When I want to buy the roti jala,huhu,I noticed that the girl who were selling them was kinda cute.Haha.Gatai(bukan...just memuji)
Syafiq and his brothers
Going to bazar ramadhan
Banyaknyer makanan

We broke fast,we performed solat Maghrib then rest for a while to eat what we bought before continuing with solat Isyak,hajat and terawih.Then we had a simple closing ceremony where I needed to giving a little speech.The truth is I was kinda nervous.It was the first time in my life I gave speech for any ocassion.huhu.I even asked for Abang Wan for some tips it the evening on what should I say.Thanks Bang Wan.

Menyiapkan "assignment"

After the kids went back,I started on my "assignment" which is to finish the food.Ya Allah,aku sesungguhnya amatlah bersyukur dengan kurniaanMu yang telah mengaganugerahkanku dengan perut yang sangat fleksible.Bak kate Taqi dgn Dato' K,umpama stoking pompuan yg smpai ke lutut tmbh stokin ragbi.hahaha.I think I did preety well of finishing half of the food.Huhu.
Then,we watched some movies but by 12 o'clock most already went to bed.But me,Zack,Bob,Yeng,Paan,Kak Nani and Kak Zetty stayed to watch SPONTAN.It was hillarious.Gosh,I almost threw up TWICE.huhu.It was so funny.It felt like my stomach gonna burst.It when on for more than an hour.Huhu.Then I started to see the darkness,so I went to bed while they still continue to watch.
The next morning,we went back at 8.00 am.I left Dato and Taqi cause I thought they want to back with Abang Wan.Well I guess I thought wrong.Huhu.Sorry Bang Long,sorry Dato.It won't happen again.
That all from me for now.Until next time....

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