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Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Day In Smartive '09

It was a briliant day.The activities were fun.We began the day by a few problems like we had to move a little late cause there were trouble of drinks.Then,we lost our way to the beach.We went almost to Kemaman.huhuhu.Along that one and a half trip,some of the passengers were asleep.So,me and Khaliq to the advantages nad snapped their pictures.

But when we reached the beach,we just rest around 5 minutes before we started the Tresure Hunt.It is divided into 4 pit stop:Mumia,Regu(don't know what it is in English),Searhing for Shells,and Puzzle.We finished 3/4 the job in mumia,successfully answer all Regu,only was able to find a few shells and unsucessfully to solve the jigsaw puzzle.After that,we have futsal game(boys) and volleyball(girls).For futsal,although it was hot and the sand was killing our feet,it was very enjoyable cause I scored 3 goals.Hahaha!!!But the game ended with a draw,3-3.Cause all of the teams finished early,latest by 11.20 am,we all started to go around the beach taking pictures.While taking pictures with the boys,Adam and Dato' K threw me into the see.Huhuhu.Luckily I was not carrying my camera and handphone.

Later after our Zohor pray we had water balloos game where we throw it to the back and the person must catch it.It was boring.But things turned around once it ended.Water balloons fight.Every boys aimed Law firstly but he was sure fast to save himself.While chasing Law,I was hit by the ballon right behind my knee making me to fall to the ground.Then,another one hit at the back.I quickly cover my face to the ground making me defenceless against "them".It was merciless.I tried to find "them" but they were still unknown.I'll get my revenge.

I was still trying to get Law but still failed to get him.Fustrated,I finally threw the balloon at Kak kila's feet.I thinks she was angry with me(Sorry,didn't mean it.No heart feelings ok?).Around 5.30 pm,we had the prize giving ceremony.The team who won the In-Smartive's Family Day 09 was Adam's team,runner's up was Yeng's and third place went to Kak Tieya's.You know what did happened to my team?We were LAST!!!Hahaha.

For me,the prize is never important.What important is that we can strengthen the silaturrahim between the club members.This is why family day is crutial.We make new friends,improve of self esteem,improve our cooperativeness with others and lots more.If others don't,at least I did.Hahaha.I did make a few new friends like Nasyrah(not really sure how to spell it) and few more(i don't really remmeber their name,SORRY).

PS:Dato'K,watched out after what you did to me.How dare you mencabul kehormatanku in public?Siap kau!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

PKM Series 3

I did not join last sem's PKM.So,I was kinda excited to for this one.Few of my beloved "sisters" firstly are going:Kak Emy,Kak Sarah,Kak Akila and Kak Diba.But because of some last minutes problems,Kak Emy,Kak Dibah and Kak Sarah cannot make it.Luckily,Kak Akila also went for this programme,if not,I think I would already pull out from it.Hahaha.Firstly,I was just the ICT equipment AJK,but because Kak Sarah cannot make it,I took charge of the photography part of the programme.

We reached the Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Batu,Temerloh around 8.30 pm.After we took down all the things,we introduced ourself to the Headmaster and have our dinner.Then,we have ice-breaking with the students.They are Year 5 and Year 6.

The activities that we had that night was facilitator's introduction,sign language:1-put our finger at our lips,2-stand,3-sit and 4-massage,sifir siput,chicken dance and group cheers.The most fun part was the chicken dance.It was so cute and funny.Yeng was probably the funniest as when it was suppose to shake the back down,he also shook his head too.Hahaha.Then,around 11.30 pm,the students were released for bed.But the faci's had a small supper and introduction session with the club advisor,Prof. Fadhil.After that,we were released for bed.But I and Khaliq have different plans for ourself.We continue our own programme by playing Counter-Strike.I was not very good with the game but I still managed to kill Khaliq a few times by ambush.Hahaha.We were the last to sleep,around 2 am.

All the bangings and the noises made our sleep a little uncomfortable cause the student started the noises around 4 am.Firstly I thought it was just a dream cause when I woke up at 5.30 it was very quiet.And when I looked at all the faci's who were still in Dreamyland,so I also went to sleep back.20 minutes later,we woke up again because of the noises that the students made.After washing our faces,we had Subuh pray and tazkirah.Later we had morning exercises like stretching,chicken dance and multiple animal multiply.It was so weird.Firstly they want to teach the student how to do the poco-poco but it was a little to advanced for them so it was canceled.

Later we had "Beloved Things Activity" where the students were ask to draw anything that they love or something that they would like to give to the one they loved.As I was walking around,taking each group pictures I noticed that some of the kids really have telents in drawing.They can draw way better than me.Haha.Some draw pictures of their parents,a picture of gift that they wuold like to give to their parents and lots more.But there was one girl who drew a picture of Winnie The Pooh that was really beautiful.She really put her heart into it.After all the drawings were collected,the students were asked to gather at the hall.

Here is where I think the most cruel yet motivating event of this programme.All the drawings that the students were ask to draw,the drawing that they put their heart into were torn right before thier eyes.Firstly,I cannot believe it also when I heard that one of the faci said their are going to tear it but it happened.I was really shocked.The facis torn the papers heartlessly.Even I who use the nickname "Devil",someone who suppose to not to have any sympathy cannot bear to watch it.Then,the students started cry when nasyid song "Ibu by Aiman" were played.Even the facis I noticed started to cry including me(but only two drops).And I thought that last tears that I going to cry about.But when Yeng told his life story.

'Di sini abang ade satu cter.Ade sorang budak ni yang dh tige bulan x blk rmh.dier tgh bljr kt mtrx ms 2.Mtrx kt pahang,rmh kt melake.Cuti seminggu pn x blk.Tket bas mahal la katekn.haha.Satu hr,dier dpt pnggilan yg mengatakan ayah dier jth pengsan mase main badminton.Dier cm ckp ok je.Kemudian dtng lg satu pnggilan.

"Kamu dh tau dh psl ayah kamu?"


"OK,skng ni kms brng kamu,kite blk skng."

Bdk ni dh pelik."Huh?Abah jth pengsan je.Biase la tu.Bukan ape-ape pn.Buat ape nk blk?Sok ade klas lg.Assignment berlonggok x siap lg."

"Eh,kamu x tau ke?Ayah kamu dh meninggl."

Waktu itu la dier tergamam.Dier yg ketika itu sedang duduk diatas kerusi terjatuh terlntng ke lantai.Dier kms brng dier dn bertolok pulng ke rmh.Adik-adik tau x sape bdk tu?Itu la abang.Itu la kejadian ms ayah abng meninggl.Ape agaknyer perasaan korng bl korng dpt pnggiln cmtu.Pnggilan yg mengatekan orng yg kite syng dh xde??.Sedih?MUSTAHIL!!!Mase tu perasaan tu x trgmbr.Bl smpai kt rmh,cm dpt tgk ayah dh kaku.Sejuk cam ikan kt pasar.Kami adik-beradik laki x nangis sorng pn mase 2.X nk tgk mak ssh,xnk tgk mak sdh.Kami siap usung lg jenazah ayah.Jadi,syng la ibu bapa korng ms korng msh ade mak ngan ayah.Abng dh xde peluang tu.'

While he was telling this story,I was crying in front of everyone.That time I also noticed most of the facis also were crying but none of that matter.I tried to cover my tears by bowing head down but the tears fell on my lens and bertakung.So,I brought my head lower and the tears flown to my forehead and dropped from there.It was the felling that I feared all my life.To lose the person that I loved.

After that very emotional session,we had a little eating session and then we have next game,Puzzle Game.Then at 12 pm,there was a speech by Abang Wan.Finally at 2.00,we had the final event,the closing ceremony.We went back home around 6.10 pm and reached UMP at 9.30 pm.

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