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Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's all about loving your parents..

Dad: Why does a father cannot say to his child how much he love him.He cannot hugs him and say "I love you my son"?
Mum: And mum?She will always say it either the child were listening or not.
Dad:But it does not mean that a father do not love his child.
Mum:Nobody can measure a mother's love to her child,not even the mother herself.Because there is no such measurement in this world.It is just an emotion can only be felt by MOTHERs.A mother emotion.

Both of these people are very different but very much alike as well.They are different in how the love us.The way they show their love.Like what the dad above said,just because he do not hugs his son and say it,it does not mean that a father do not love his son or daughter.Fathers do not usually good at expressing their love by words but they definately know how to show it.I don't know how to explain it because one very good reason.I'm not a DAD yet.But you can definately see it.
And mum,you lost count on how many times that she says that she loves you.I do.About mum it is even harder for me to say.Because I'm not a girl.I don't know how girl feel about this love thing

But all I can say is there play the most crutial role in our life.Without them,we are nothing.Love them more.Remember them.

i suggest the readers to watch Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham.Try to feel what the director try to show to the audience.I cry like four five times while watching the movie.Huhu.Very touching.


Dear GOD,
If You had made her for me,I pray to you that our hearts will always stay together.
Let us to always be together for all our life
Let us share our laugh and tears
Give us happiness for eternity


If she is not,I still wish for her happiness
Even if she is not with me
Give me strength to face this pain
Give me strength to forget this pain
author:my friend

Love is like life
It does not always bring happiness
Sometimes it hurts more than anything
But we never stop to continue our life
So,why do we have to stop to LOVE?

LOVE is something beautiful
Something so pure
Something that is undescribeable
and it have requirements...

I strongly believe if these three things are happen,that love story will be a forever and ever happy fairy tail story.When you sincerely love the boy or girl,you will always be honest with them.You will always try not hurt her,try to keep her to smile.Believe in the person you love.If even if you see her going out with other boys,you need to trust her that they are only her friends.Only you are

But what LOVE usually just fake dreams.This what making people hurt,even me.It's because it is a two-way ride.No matter how much you love a girl or a boy,if they do not love you back,it is pointless.I felt that once.I gathered my guts to tell her how much I like her.But the reply was something that I have expected,"I cannot open my heart for anyone yet.I just wanna be friends with you."But I did not ecpect the effect to me.How asshamed I was,how it painful it was.That is why I never try to fall again because I do not want to get hurt again.
The simplest thing that I usually do when I like a girl is by wait and observe.I kept my eyes open to see who else like the girl that I like.When I found him,I can just forget about her cause I know the guy is better that me.
But not I am really confused.I like a new girl.She fits the my desired characteristic almost perfectly.She is not that pretty,but she is ok.Her friends are more beautiful than her.But what make her speacial to me is ........
But a beautiful girl always have other secret admirers.Should I just let her go?Or go tell her how I feel and taking the risk or being rejected AGAIN?

For those who read,please leave your comments and suggestions.THANKS.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who I am???

I know who I am.I can say every good things about myself but no one can lie to themselves.I can say that I'm good looking to everyone in the world but the truth is I'm not.
I'm just a regular kid.Has darker skin colour compared to all of my friends and jongang. I am not handsome and there is nothing that change that fact.

Some say that I'm like device driver.The lowest level in file system architecture..
Some say that I'm like a black man because of my skin colour..
Some say that I'm like Ronaldinho because of my teeth...

When I was a kid,I was really pissed if someone say those things to me..
but as time passed,I do not really care...
Say what you want.It's you mouth.Not mine that I can control.

but am I?

Sometimes it hurts deeply in..
They say it's just a joke but they never been in my shoe..
to be said like that for your whole life...
even by those who are very close to you..
but i always try to be positive and open..
to accept what people wanna say..
although it hurts so much...
I'll stand tall and stong and hide my tears...
people say "Time heals everything"


"Time don't heal everything.Sometimes it brings more pain"

But i know there will always be a place for me where i can tell my stories..
a place where i can let my tears flow...
someone who will listen...

for those who might read these,you do not need to apologise..
it's just that it's true...
you do not have to apologise for something that is true...
i am just glad that i have a honest friends like all you...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

adakah ini diriku???

I was born on these month.I can see some of it are true but can you see the characters in me?
Up to you to decide how am I to your eyes...

Jamadil Akhir
Wataknya berani, dia hormatkan orang lain. Berbagai kepandaian ada padanya. Apabila dia tahu bahawa dia salah atau keliru maka dia mudah mengakuinya, tapi bila dia tahu dia benar, pendiriannnya keras dan tidak mahu mengalah. Semasa kecilnya, ibubapanya perlu mendidiknya dengan baik agar terserlah sifat-sifatnya yang baik itu, kerana jika betul didikannya, masa dewasa ia akan menyenangkan kedua orang tuanya

· Bercita-cita tinggi dan orangnya serius, suka mendidik dan dididik.
· Sangat mudah melihat kelemahan orang dan suka mengkritik.
· Rajin dan setiap yang dibuat nampak keuntungan.
· Suka pada kecantikan, kekemasan dan teratur.
· Bersifat sensitif dan berfikiran mendalam.
· Pandai mengambil hati orang lain.
· Pendiam kecuali telah dirangsang.
· Agak pemalu dan mempunyai daya tumpuan yang sangat tinggi.
· Mudah mendisiplinkan diri sendiri
· Badannya sihat tetapi mudah diserang selsema.
· Bersikap romantik tetapi tidak pandai memperlihatkannya.
· Cukup sayang pada kanak-kanak.
· Suka duduk di rumah
· Setia pada segala-galanya.
· Perlu belajar kemahiran bersosial.
· Sifat cemburu yang sangat tinggi

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm nobody...

I've been thinking a lot about what my friend said about me.And I think it's true.My friend said that my excuse saying that I do not want to couple because I were very busy is bullshit.Busy is an unacceptable excuse.And I understand why now.No matter how busy you are: assignments,meetings, or group discussions,if you want to couple,then you will sacrife some of your time for her.It's because if you really love and care about someone,that you must be able to spend time with her.That what my friend able to do.He really like the girl and he willing to sacrifies some times to have a long conversation with her.That is what I was wondering whether I could do that(like I said before).But the truth is,is based on what my other friend said.

"Who actually wants you(to be their girlfriend)?"

I do not want the history to repeat itself.I don't want to fall to the illusion of my heart again.I let myself to believe that I can never get a girlfriend.That's what I want to keep doing.Because I know that what my friend said was true.What kind of girl that actually wants me?Hahaha.They got to either mad or blind.(maybe even not both.hahaha)

I was hurt once and don't ever wants it tohappen again until I'm sure.Until I can be sure that it goes in 2 direction.Hehe.

But until then...
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